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How many degrees can pvc withstand high temperatures? What should I be aware of when using PVC?

2023-01-10 Page view : 32 views

When it comes to pvc, I’m sure we’re all familiar with it. So the question arises, how many degrees does pvc resist to? Come with me to find out below!
First, pvc high temperature resistance can reach how many degrees
1, ordinary pvc can withstand 60 degrees of high temperature, some people say PVC is able to withstand 100 degrees of high temperature, that is impossible, pvc at most can not bear 100 degrees of high temperature, according to the current relevant basis to prove that the highest temperature of pvc can withstand long-term about 80 degrees.
2, it can withstand about 80 degrees container, but also in the intense sunlight for a long time, in these environments, pvc hardness will not decline but will improve, and toughness will also strengthen, more importantly, also does not affect the pvc colour matching.
3, under normal circumstances, pvc are long-term in 60 degrees under the use of, if pvc higher than 100 degrees above, once or twice occasionally, as long as not more than three or five minutes will not have any problems, but more than this time period pvc, is also unable to withstand this temperature.

Second, the use of pvc what are the precautions
1, we use pvc, if it is a short period of time without construction, as far as possible, do not put pvc in the sunlight, which may accelerate the aging of pvc pipe body, although pvc, high temperature, but the general pvc pipe contains some plastic material, long-term in high temperature is likely to appear brittle cracking situation.

2, in the use of pvc, do not be below 5 degrees below the place of construction, we all know pvc has a long life, basically will not have any problems, but it is not too suitable for construction in very low temperatures, which will also affect its life.

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