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JWELL ABS Winding Core Extrusion Line

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Advantages of high-grade film cores

1. Reduce loss

High strength, not easy to deform, stable physical properties, effectively prevent the wound film from being damaged due to the deformation of the core. High processing precision and good surface finish can increase the utilization rate of the film, and solve the disadvantage that the traditional shaft tube has to be filled with the film due to the rough surface.

2. Large load capacity

Longitudinal strength and ring rigidity are high, resulting in its high load-bearing characteristics.

3. Reusable

Corrosion resistance, impact resistance, not affected by environmental factors such as humidity and acid.

4. Repairable

Application Scope:

1. Optical film

◆Polarizing film: TAC film, PVA film, PET film (optical grade).

◆Backlight film: reflective film, diffuser film, brightness enhancement film, light-shielding film, semi-transparent film, alignment film, etc.

◆Adhesive film: optical protective film, tape, shielding film, release film and optical adhesive layer, adhesive film, reflective tape and other adhesive materials.

◆ ITO film: ITO film for touch screen, ITO film for plastic, conductive film, etc.

◆ Optical compensation film for LCD: retardation film, anti-reflection film, anti-glare film, etc.

◆Characteristic improvement film: brightness improvement film, antireflection film, viewing angle adjustment film, etc.

2. High-performance film

Mainly based on PI, PC, PET, PEN and other film substrates, mainly including industrial protective film, release film (silicon oil film), insulating film, abrasive film, automotive film (heat insulation film), window film, IMD film , transfer/transfer film, laser film, anti-rust film, high-brightness film, decorative film, motor film and other high-performance films.

3. High functional film

Semiconductor thin filmSolar cell filmPlastic substrate filmTouch panel film

4. Various metal foils

Red Gold Silver Foil Copper Foil Aluminum Foil

5. Various plastic films


6. Special paper

ABS material has excellent mechanical properties, and its impact strength is good. It can be used at a temperature of -20 ° C ~ +70 ° C. It has good dimensional stability. High internal compressive strength, solid and tough; products of the same specification and thickness will not break when subjected to external impact, which is about 5 times that of PVC pipes, and its weight is about 80% of PVC. Does not contain any metal stabilizer, there will be no heavy metal leakage pollution, non-toxic and no secondary pollution. Smooth surface of pipe: smoother than PVC, PE, PP and metal pipes. Commonly used in chemical industry, light industry, mining and metallurgy, oil field, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, brewing, construction, civil water and sewage, etc. It is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali, and has excellent wear resistance. It can transport corrosive media and is suitable for water. Treatment and environmental protection systems.

ABS resin is a graft copolymer of three monomers, acrylonitrile (Acrylonitrile), 1,3-butadiene (Butadiene) and styrene (Styrene). Among them, acrylonitrile accounts for 15%~35%, butadiene accounts for 5%~30%, styrene accounts for 40%~60%, the common ratio is A:B:S=20:30:50, at this time ABS resin The melting point is 175°C.

The winding core products generally recommend the raw material grades used by customers: 749SK from Zhenjiang Chimei or 757K from Taiwan Chimei

ABS winding core tube extrusion line

ABS materials pipe has various sizes, the dimensional accuracy,brightness and wall thickness tolerance of the inner and outer surfaces of the product are very strict . It is used in special fields such as winding cores, handicrafts, and chemical environmental protection equipment parts for winding high-grade film sheets.

Product size:84mm、 88mm、 94mm、183mm、 193mm、203mm(8inch)、275mm、 305mm(12inch)、 355mm(14inch)。

The production line is suitable for ABS winding core extrusion. Compared with ordinary production lines, its energy saving effect is about 35%, and the built-in exhaust system does not need to spend a lot of cost to dry raw materials, which can save site and labor costs, and improve efficiency. The production line has beautiful appearance, high degree of automation, stable and reliable production, and the diameter and wall thickness of the pipe can be controlled within ±0.2mm.

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