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PET bottle recycling! Coca-Cola: 100% rPET bottles used in 25 global markets

2023-03-08 Page view : 9 views

1. Coca-Cola Purple Fanta 100% rPET bottle launched in Europe;
2. The UAE market launched the first locally produced 100% recycled PET water bottle, and the Middle East market has broad prospects; PET bottle washing recycling machine
3. The brands of Vitasoy in Hong Kong, China continue to expand the use of rPET bottles.
According to the latest survey report by Future Market Insights Global, the continuous development of the global food and beverage industry has promoted the demand for PET bottles in various markets. It is expected that bottles will continue to dominate the global PET packaging market(PET extruder machine). With the development and in-depth implementation of regulations, the market size of recycled PET is expected to grow to US$11.7 billion in 2026.

At the beginning of 2023, many food and beverage markets around the world have launched 100% rPET bottles. It can be seen from this that the leading beverage brands are still full of confidence in the circular renewable packaging market.

Coca-Cola Purple Fanta rPET bottle new
Coca-Cola Europe Pacific (CCEP) has announced that its 500ml purple Fanta bottle is made of 100% rPET, excluding the cap and label. This packaging is recyclable

The move to upgrade and iterate product packaging marks a further step for Coca-Cola in its circular economy direction.
So far, Coca-Cola has provided 100% rPET bottles in more than 25 markets around the world, which is one step closer to its goal of “zero waste in the world”.

Middle East’s leading bottled water brand launches first 100% rPET bottle
AL Ain, the leading bottled water brand in the UAE, has announced the launch of a new bottled water made from 100% rPET. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first locally produced 100% rPET water bottle in the UAE.

Earlier, the Agthia Group, Veolia Middle East subsidiary Repeet and Bee’ah signed a memorandum of understanding, the brand’s 100% rPET water bottle is based on this memorandum of understanding project. This memorandum will facilitate the collection, recycling and production of PET bottles.

Some products of Vitasoy in Hong Kong, China use 100% rPET
According to Vitasoy Hong Kong, China, the original soy milk and distilled water it sells in the Hong Kong market have so far adopted 100% rPET.

Vitasoy’s original soy milk announced last year that it will adopt a new 100% rPET packaging. As for Vita Distilled Water, 100% rPET bottles have been adopted for 430ml, 700ml and 1.5L products in 2019. These two types of sustainable packaging have received enthusiastic response from the Chinese market.

With the continuous development of the global recycled plastics industry, recycled PET will be further expanded in terms of recycling rate, supply, demand, and application range.

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