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Accounted for 46%! Why modified PP is so popular in the field of automotive modified plastics

New energy vehicles is inseparable from environmental protection, and it is the only way to achieve energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development. As lightweight materials with excellent performance, plastics and composite materials are worthy of material companies and new energy vehicle manufacturers investing more resources in in-depth research. Especially at the current stage of the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the excessive mass of the vehicle has become one of the obstacles restricting its development. The lightweight development of new energy vehicles is urgent. With the continuous advancement of plastic and composite material technology, new energy vehicles will development is playing an increasingly important role.

Lightweight is the goal pursued by the new energy automobile industry, and plastics can play a big role in this regard.



The optimal solution for material development should be both flexible and stable

With the development of the national economy and the progress of plastic modification processing technology, it is estimated that by 2026, the demand for modified plastics in my country’s automotive industry will increase from the current 3.91 million tons to about 5.98 million tons.

In addition to the ever-increasing demand, the requirements of different parts for plastic parts are also increasing simultaneously. From the weather resistance of the exterior, to the low VOC of the interior, to the high temperature resistance of the powertrain, all of them are promoting the development of modified plastics in a higher-end and more diverse direction…Only by continuous innovation, R&D and production differentiation And characteristic modified plastics, and ensuring the maximum stability of production and supply in the post-epidemic era, are the foundation of automobile manufacturing and the premise of obtaining the optimal solution.



PP (polypropylene) has become a modified “seed player”

Modified plastics have the dual advantages of low density and high performance, and the demand in the automobile manufacturing industry has continued to grow in recent years. Take modified PP, which has the largest application proportion in automotive plastics, as an example. Compared with engineering plastics, its advantages of easy processing, easy recycling and high cost performance, as well as excellent chemical corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties can help manufacturers ensure Cost reduction and energy saving while improving product quality and driving safety.

PP has a low density in automotive plastics and is currently one of the lightest types of plastics. The low density of PP provides important methods and ideas in providing lightweight solutions for automobiles.

Modified PP refers to the use of PP as the base material, adding auxiliary components through filling, blending, reinforcement and other methods to improve the performance of PP such as flame retardancy, strength, impact resistance, weather resistance, electrical conductivity, etc. Therefore, PP modified plastics play an important role in the process of automobile lightweight. In addition, PP is easier to recycle, and there are established recycling industry chains at home and abroad, which is also a great advantage compared with engineering plastics.

Shanghai Preet, a well-known domestic modified plastics company, focuses on the R&D and production of modified plastic materials for automobiles. Its product center is mainly modified PP materials. It can be seen that modified plastic PP is very popular in the automotive field. In the era of rapid development of new energy , The new generation of manufacturing represented by new energy vehicles has become the inevitable direction of future automotive development. The many advantages of this material make it a “seed player” in the field of automotive materials.



The main growth points of new energy passenger vehicles in the future

Continuous innovation of technical methods

Carbon neutrality policies, rising oil prices, and subsidies for new energy car purchases that can be expected for a period of time are all strengthening the general trend of new energy. According to the “New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)”, by 2035, the penetration rate of China’s new energy vehicles will reach 50%.

Battery pack

The battery pack is the core energy source of the new energy motor vehicle, which provides driving power for the whole vehicle. As the carrier of the battery template, the battery pack shell plays a vital role in the safe operation and protection of the battery module. The modified plastics applied to the battery pack casing are naturally also the top priority, and they need to meet not-low mechanical performance requirements such as strength and rigidity, as well as functional requirements such as flame retardancy.

• High-toughness V0-class flame-retardant polypropylene composite material for battery casings: This composite material has V0-class flame-retardant properties and excellent mechanical properties, and can be used as battery casing materials. At the same time, the preparation method of the high-toughness V0 grade PP composite material for flame-retardant battery shells is simple, easy for industrial production, and has broad application prospects.

• Conductive antibacterial long glass fiber reinforced PP composite material: It can be applied to new energy vehicle interiors and battery pack modules. The composite material can not only achieve ideal conductive and antibacterial effects, but also can significantly improve the mechanical properties of the material together with other composite materials such as continuous glass fiber and polypropylene.

• Use PP as the base resin to add halogen-free intumescent flame retardant: it can effectively improve the flame retardancy of the battery pack cover and help avoid spontaneous combustion caused by the battery pack working for too long; at the same time, the battery pack molding cover The device adopts the simultaneous cooling method of upper and lower double channels to cool the molded products in the cavity, effectively reducing the reject rate of product molding.

Charging pile

New energy vehicles will inevitably drive the development of the charging pile market, and modified plastics also have a lot of room for application in charging piles.

The new energy vehicle charging pile shell prepared by modifying PP can not only help offset the vibration generated during the moving process, improve its anti-seismic performance, expand the use range of new energy vehicle charging piles, but also better maintain the stability of new energy vehicles. The stability of the charging pile during the charging process can effectively reduce the damage of the charging pile due to impact and improve the stability of the new energy vehicle charging pile.

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