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Product Topics|Large Diameter HDPE Pipe Extrusion Technology and Case Sharing

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JWELL Machinery provides diameter 20-1600MM HDPE pipe extrusion line, the sdr from 26 to 11.The premise of ensuring qualified products of high-pressure grade and large-diameter HDPE pipes is to stabilize the melt temperature of the material in the screw and mold, and solve the sag of the material before forming the pipe.and ensure the physical function and wall thickness of the pipe product.In recent years, JWELL Machinery has successfully delivered a lot of HDPE large-diameter pipe extrusion lines to domestic and overseas customers.
JWELL provides a total full transparent monitoring solution from material conveying,drying and metering, efficient extrusion and rapid forming of drying, metering, extrusion host,mold,vacuum high-efficiency extrusion rapid prototyping, to stable traction automatic dust-free cutting.

Large L/D Ratio Main Extruder
The L/D ratio 40 series HDPE dedicated single-screw extruder independently developed by Liansu is matched with the screw feed bushing to ensure the high output of the extruder while maintaining the stability of the melt temperature of the material before extrusion.

Melt Cooler
For large diameter pipe extrusion, the melt cooler is equipped to effectively stabilize the melt temperature before the material enters the mold, prevent sagging, and ensure uniform wall thickness of the pipe.

Spiral + basket structure mold
The mold adopts spiral and basket structure, multi-spiral flow channel distribution body design, double cooling structure, reduced melt residence time and precise control of mold temperature to ensure uniform pipe thickness and smooth inner wall.

Rapid Vacuum Forming
The vacuum chamber adopts automatic negative pressure closed-loop control system, HMI sets the required pressure, starts the vacuum pump, transmits the signal to the inverter through the negative pressure sensor, automatically adjusts the speed of the vacuum pump, and quickly achieves the constant negative pressure, the whole chamber adopts 304 stainless steel, centralized drainage, low noise and energy saving.

Stable Traction Mechanism
For the production of large-diameter pipes, Liansu adopts multi-track “one-drag-multiple” synchronous control, matched with a synchronous servo motor with a special structure. A single driver can drive multiple permanent magnet synchronous motors at the same time, and the low-frequency torque is stable. It has a large range of speed regulation to ensure the stability of production in the large-span pipe diameter range and reduce waste.

Fully automatic chipless cutting mechanism
From 20mm to 1600mm, all series of fully automatic chipless cutting mechanism are adopted. With fully automatic reducer design, just set the diameter and wall thickness of the pipe, and the system can finish all the automatic adjustment. Foolproof operation, maximum cutting thickness up to 130mm.

Automatic variable diameter operation screen

FLEXCON flexible control system
The whole line adopts FLEXCON+ flexible control system to realize equipment production data collection and data processing, simpler and more effective maintenance reminders, and closed-loop control from material measurement, vacuum control, and finished product weight. Make pipeline production easier and more accurate!

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