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Rapid Cooling and Slow Cooling Are the Two Ways in Which Pvc Twin-Screw Extruders Are Used

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Today, I will take you through, pvc twin-screw extruder two cooling methods, first to understand the pvc twin-screw extruder uses:

The pvc twin-screw extruder is equipped with a DC motor, a silicon controlled stepless speed control, overload protection and fault alarm, constant temperature oil circulation in the core of the screw, oil cooling in the barrel and a vacuum exhaust device and a quantitative feeding device. It is a special machine for extruding various types of PVC powders and can produce pipes, profiles, plates, sheets, rods and pellets of various types of PVC materials with different moulds and various types of auxiliary machines.

The barrel screw of the pvc twin-screw extruder is treated with nitriding, electroplated hard chrome layer, high-frequency quenching, sprayed alloy and inlaid with high hardness wear-resistant alloy, thus increasing the service life of the barrel screw. The gearbox is uniquely designed and conceived with extra large bearings, imported from Germany, for a durable and long-lasting drive, which can bear higher extrusion pressure. The pvc twin-screw extruder has been improved and enhanced according to the main needs of domestic customers on the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced foreign extruder manufacturing technology, with the advantages of low energy consumption, high output and smooth operation.

Introduction to Pvc Twin-Screw Extruders

1. Soft plasticizing design concept to guarantee the quality of the material.
2. Very reliable and rational and effective design theory ensures reliable operation of extrusion. High torque special drive system, teeth and shafts in high strength alloy steel, carburized and ground teeth
3. The newly developed screw, which is more suitable for formulations with very high filling levels, is fed to ensure that the material remains well filled in the screw and has a relatively good material flow distribution.
4. The screw is equipped with a core temperature adjustment device and good barrel cooling to ensure control of the material processing process environment temperature.
5. With different die heads and auxiliary machines, it can be used to extrude various kinds of pipes, plates, shaped materials and soft and hard PVC pellets, etc.

The pvc twin-screw extruder is divided into rapid cooling and slow cooling. Rapid cooling is the cold water can be directly cooled, rapid cooling of plastic extrusion layer molding is beneficial, but for crystalline polymers, because of the sudden heat cooling, easy in the internal residual stress of the extrusion layer tissue, resulting in the use of the process of cracking, usually PVC plastic layer selection rapid cooling. Slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress of the product, in the cooling water tank placed in sections of different temperatures of water, so that industrial products gradually cool down the molding, PE, PP extrusion on the choice of slow cooling, that is, after hot water, warm water, cold water three cooling.

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