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TPE Raw Materials Bring Changes To Life

2022-06-17 Page view : 44 views

With the change of people’s lifestyles, the requirements for the living environment are becoming more and more perfect, the noise problem is gradually being paid attention to by the general public, and noise reduction has become an essential part of product design.
Thermoplastic elastomers have a significant effect on weak stress absorption, either by direct processing or secondary molding process, and can be used in electronic products, power tools, sporting goods, home appliance applications, etc.

The elastomer material has a vibration-absorbing function, which can reduce the noise caused by the motor vibration of products such as hair dryers by means of secondary molding. This noise reduction method is also applicable to appliances such as cooking machines, wall breakers and floor sweepers.

Different formulations of TPE materials can also be used with many general-purpose materials for secondary overmolding, through this process can be TPE excellent surface feel, anti-slip, shock absorption and other advantages fully embodied, providing more imagination for product design.

Specially formulated TPE elastomers have also good performance in weathering, high and low temperature resistance, providing the possibility for some products with special requirements to be realized.

As the elastomer itself is a flexible material, in the case of not adding damping formula, are more than ordinary hard material in shock absorption has an inherent advantage, if further made into a damping formula, the effect will increase exponentially.
In terms of cost, elastic materials are gradually becoming advantageous. With the breaking of technical barriers, the rise of domestic material manufacturers.

The price of elastomer materials has become so affordable that products that could not be produced because of cost issues can be reconsidered. Compared to silicon and rubber, thermoplastic elastomer materials have better processing properties and can be molded by traditional injection molding and extrusion processes.

In terms of processing costs, thermoplastic TPE materials are more advantageous. Overall, with the continuous efforts of domestic modification plants, the overall formulation design, capacity, and price of thermoplastic elastomers have made particularly significant progress.

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