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What are the requirements for masterbatch for blow molding products? With PE blow molding color masterbatch formula knowledge

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Almost all thermoplastic resins can be used in the manufacture of hollow blow molding products, among which the most important resins are polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyamide, polycarbonate and so on.Granulation production line is used in this product. For the color masterbatch products used in blow molding, there are many properties that need to be paid attention to, among which the properties that need special attention mainly include: chemical resistance, light/weather resistance, heat resistance, safety, etc.

1. Performance requirements of blow molding masterbatch products

Chemical Resistance

For the plastic containers used for the packaging of raw materials and products in industrial and agricultural production, especially chemical preparation products, it must be ensured that the substances contained in the container itself cannot chemically react with the packaged substances. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the resistance of the pigment for the content of the package, such as acid/alkali resistance, solvent resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, etc. Higher requirements are placed on packaging containers containing strong oxidizing chemicals.


Numerous plastic containers are used for the packaging of food, beverages, and other cosmetics or kitchen cleaning products that come into contact with the human body. All raw materials used in the production of these plastic containers, including pigments, must comply with relevant chemical safety regulations and use permits.

Heat resistance

Under the process temperature conditions of hollow blow molding of different resins, the pigment must be able to maintain color stability and proper performance.

Light/Weather resistance

Many hollow blow molding products are used outdoors, so attention should be paid to the light resistance of pigments, especially some oils and cosmetics stored in outdoor windows, for brand promotion effect, there will be special requirements for light resistance.

Migration resistance

Hollow blow molding products are mainly used as liquid packaging containers. If the pigment used in it has migration resistance, the migrated color will migrate to the liquid in contact with it, causing contamination.

2. Knowledge of PE blow molding color masterbatch formula

Hollow blow molding color masterbatch products with polyethylene as the carrier are mainly used in oil drums, cosmetics, etc. The attention points of its formula design are roughly the same as those of the blown film grade masterbatch formula design, such as dispersibility, heat resistance, migration resistance, safety, etc. The coloring requirements are: smooth surface of the product, good dispersibility, and good migration resistance , Good solvent resistance, etc.

Hiding Power Requirements

Most of the blow molding products are used for the packaging of lubricating oil packaging boxes and some cleaning agents. In order to ensure the safe storage of the contents, the hiding power of the products is required to be better, so more titanium dioxide needs to be added to the masterbatch formula, and attention should be paid to the type of titanium dioxide The effect of selection and addition of titanium dioxide on the properties of organic pigments.

High performance requirements

Since some oil packaging is the brand of a multinational company, in order to promote the brand, there will be strict requirements on the application performance of the outer packaging of the product, so the choice of pigments will tend to be high-performance.

Special Raw Material Requirements

Many lubricating oil packages use metal aluminum raw materials. The so-called aluminum pigment is actually flake aluminum silver powder. Aluminum paste. Therefore, the selection of metal aluminum raw materials for lubricating oil packaging needs to proceed from the two perspectives of brightness and hiding power, and select an appropriate particle size to meet the requirements.

Additive requirements

The content of polyethylene wax in the blow molding polyethylene wax color masterbatch formula should not be too high, because the wax is a low molecular weight substance, adding too much will affect the cracking of the oil drum, and it is also one of the reasons for the blow molding drum to break in the drop test .

Selection of resin raw materials

A large number of blow molding products use medium to high molecular weight HDPE resin, which makes the product have excellent impact resistance. Therefore, LDPE and LLDPE are used as carriers for PE blow molding grade masterbatch, which has good fluidity and dispersion.

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